Introduction to the Keys of Wonder

By David Crennen


This short adventure is meant as an introduction to the Keys of Wonder adventure arc, which complements your Wondrous One Shot subscription. This adventure can be adapted for any level. The adventure begins with the party traveling together down the Long Road, not far from the ancient ruins of the Broken Tower…

Using Keys of Wonder

Keys of Wonder is a campaign setting that compliments your Wondrous One Shot adventure each month. These supplements allow you to easily run a campaign with a regular group of players, providing the lore, adventure hooks and other detail you need to connect the one shots into an ongoing narrative.

You’ll receive a new Key of Wonders supplement each month. The campaign, guides your party as they recover lost magical from far flung wondrous locations. Each adventure your party goes on will present them with the opportunity to collect a lost “key”. After each set of four adventures the party will be able to bring together the keys they’ve found to open gateways to long lost locations of legend and restore them to the world. This short introductory adventure is intended to start out a new group on the adventure arc. If you’re starting with a new group, have them begin at the same level as the adventure you are about to receive this month. Otherwise, use the rules included in the adventure to adapt it for the level appropriate to your party.

All adventures in Keys of Wonder take place in a realm known as the Greenwold. Each month, you’ll get lore and details between each adventure that explains where each adventure is taking place in the Greenwold, as well as background on how to connect one adventure to the next. If this is your first adventure in the Greenwold, be sure to check out the Greenwold Gazetteer to learn more about the realm!

Greenwold Gazeteer

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