Gods of the Greenwold

Gideon the Old

God of Time. 

Domain: Knowledge

Status: Deceased (recently replaced by a new deity)

Mirrah, The Reflectionist

Goddess of Destiny

Domain: Arcana

Greaf the Patient

God of the Dead

Domain: Death/Grave

Torht the Quick

God of Fire

Domain: Forge

Andgyt the Studious

Goddess of Lore

Domain: Knowledge

Beran the Seven-Souled

God of Birth

Domain: Life

Baeldor the High

God of the Sun

Domain: Light

Eard the Tall

God of Forests

Domain: Nature

Scur the Wrathful

Goddess of the Ocean

Domain: Tempest/Storm

Stalian the Dark

God of Thieves

Domain: Trickery

Dreor the Red

God of War

Domain: War


Goddess of Valor

Domain: War


God of the Elves and Stars

Domain: Darkness/Light


God of the Dwarves and Mountains

Domain: Forge


God of the Halflings and Harvest

Domain: Nature


God of the Gnomes and Prosperity

Domain: Trickery

Ahur the Adamant

Father of Dragonkind

Domain: Adventure