Session Zero

Prepare to Play


Session Zero is the name given to the first time a group of players meets before beginning a new adventure. Many GMs use “Session Zero” to lay out the tone of their game, and what expectations they (and the other players) have that may not be obvious from the outset – particularly regarding play style and/or adult content. A “Session Zero” can be done in person or remotely. Either way, the goal is to have your party of adventurers ready to step fully-formed into a brand new adventure!

In addition to setting the tone and establishing guidelines, Session Zero is a valuable time for the players to get to know each other and develop the character traits and party relations that they’ll build on for the rest of the game. If you’re a GM, you may consider using the time between now and when you get your first box to plan your Session Zero.

The first Dungeon in a Box adventure, The Star Tide, starts just as the party enters a long-forgotten temple. Because the party is being thrown into the action right at the start, taking time to have a Session Zero will ensure your party is ready to jump right in!