The Greenwold Gazeteer

By David Crennen


Welcome to the Greenwold – a heavily forested land of prosperous cities and untamed wilds. Within, humans, dwarves, elves and halflings make their homes, but things are not so simple as they may appear on the surface.

Monsters unnumbered lurk under the eaves of the trackless Tanglebrier, and spill across the Barrens of the Old Empyrean, while the drow devise long-lived plots from across volcanic straits. Civilization balances on a knife’s edge, but every gain made by one nation occurs at the loss of another. The realm may be divided up by kings and nobles, but it belongs to adventurers. Treasure, glory and a chance to change the world await under ancient hills, in the ruins of primeval deities, and in forgotten ruins beneath city streets.

Fortune in the Greenwold is shaped by the bold. This guide will provide you with the basic info, as well as character options to create a character who comes from this colorful region.