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All new signs ups will get the items AUTOMATICALLY included in their new box.




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Subscribers get immediate access to Digital Dungeon and Wondrous One-Shots Library

Physical boxes ship the first week of each month


*Due to delays caused by COVID19, please allow the first 2 weeks of the month for your box to ship.*

Physical Subscription Box

Compatible with 5th Edition, and Pathfinder 2nd Edition!

All physical subscriptions ordered between now and December 31st will ship the first and second weeks of January


  • Adventure Booklet
  • 2 Encounter Maps
  • 2 Sculpted Minis
  • Skinny Minis
  • 3D Terrain
  • Digital Dungeon Access
  • Wondrous One Shots
  • …and more!

Monthly subscription

$36.00 $27.00* / Month

Billed every month

*For the first four months with code

3 Month subscription

$105.00 / 3 Months

Billed every 3 months

Digital Box


  • Digital Adventure Book
  • Ambiance Soundtracks
  • Digital Maps
  • Digital Character Tokens
  • Digital Terrain Tiles
  • Wondrous One Shots

Digital Box Monthly Subscription

$14.95 $6.95* / Month

*Save $8 off of your first month with code DIGITAL!

Minis In A Box


  • 2 Premium Sculpted Minis
  • Digital Dungeon subscription
  • Wondrous One Shots

1 Year Subscription
($17.00 / Month)

$204.00 / Year - Billed yearly

Monthly Subscription

$19.95 / Month - Billed every month



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Frequently Asked Questions

All our boxes ship the first week of every month. All boxes are shipped the following month in which they are paid for or renewed. Example: I sign up on April 15th – my first box ships first week of May.

Good news! No matter when you sign up for Dungeon In A Box, you get sent every adventure in the year-long adventure arc. If you sign up today, you’ll be sent the first box in this adventure arc. That will be followed by the second box the next month, and so on.

The adventures never end! Be sure to check out the Digital Dungeon for access to our Wondrous One-Shots, where new adventures are added each month!

Yes! However, customers will be responsible for any customs or duty charges that may occur. We don’t have control over this process.

All subscriptions are set to automatically renew at the end of the subscription period. So, if you signed up for the one-month subscription, your subscription will automatically renew each month until canceled. The three-month subscription renews every three months, the six-month subscription renews every six-months, and the annual subscription renews every year.

Please email support@dungeoninabox.com to cancel your subscription.

You can pick-up where you left off only by directly contacting us at support@dungeoninabox.com

Dungeon In A Box works as an adventure arc, but each box can also be played on its own. You can experience the year-long adventure arc, or you can use each box to run a stand alone adventure – whichever you prefer!

Yes. While the contents of the box will fit each adventure and the supplied adventure booklet, all our products are designed to be used independently for one-off, original, or home-brewed campaigns.

Voyage of the Fallen Star is an adventure arc for a group of 4-6 players. The adventure begins with one well-known fact – a star has fallen from the sky, and whoever finds it first will be granted a wish!

Even if your party isn’t driven by the prospect of gaining a wish, they still have a good reason to go after the Fallen Star. The lawful evil nation of Blackrift, a kingdom of ruthless warriors hungry for conquest, seeks the Fallen Star as well. If they find it before anyone else, they’ll use its power to bring the entire realm under their iron grip.

This adventure series will take characters from 1st to 10th level, as they sail the Great Sea and battle creatures both below and above the waves!

Additional lore about the creatures and features of each adventure is available in the Digital Dungeon.



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