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Dungeon In A Box is a monthly RPG subscription box, designed to give people an epic fantasy adventure that never has to end. Nothing is more thrilling, hilarious or memorable than those perfect nights at the gaming table. Dungeon In A Box contains everything you need to run your own epic adventures in a world of great deeds, perilous threats, and titanic victories.

True adventure – available to anyone, anywhere.

PERFECT ADVENTURE: Epic Challenges for Players of Any Level…

These extensive, on-going adventures are created exclusively for Dungeon in a Box! Designed by David Crennen, best known as the Dungeon Master from the hit D&D show Crit Juice, the journey is made rich and compelling for every player. Compatible with 5th Edition of the World’s Most Popular RPG!

BATTLE BROUGHT TO LIFE: In-Depth Battle Maps. Ever-Evolving Add-ons.

Our comprehensive adventure maps, premium sculpted minis and other fun add-ons bring your encounters to vivid life. We carefully select the pieces for the world you will inhabit, including enough details and components to ensure the adventure is enticing, but not overwhelming.

ON DEMAND. AND ON-GOING: Play on Your Own Terms. Skip or Cancel Anytime.

Our quest: To ensure that an incredible D&D experience is packed into every Box, and delivered right to your door! We understand that life is full of uncertainty and sometimes you may have to skip an adventure – so we make it easy for you to pause or cancel your subscription at any time for any reason.

Starting at $29.50 / Month

So, What’s in The Box?

Every Dungeon In A Box includes a 24-page adventure book, a 24″ x 18″ fold-out battle map, two premium sculpted minis, dungeon terrain, amazing monster tokens, and more!

Interior pages of Dungeon In A Box Adventure Book

24-page Adventure Module – created exclusively for Dungeon In A Box and jam-packed with enough content to level up the whole party.

Each adventure includes its own and unique new monsters and magic items, encounter tables, NPC stats, and thrilling set-piece battles. We squeeze in more content than a Bag of Holding!

Two Premium Sculpted Minis – Dashing adventurers, howling beasts and more lurk within each box!

We deliver two high-quality minis every month – hand-selected for their detail, resilience and paint-ability. Whether you own just a handful, or a wall of a hundreds, these will make a perfect addition to your collection!

We source our minis from CMON, Reaper, and other great companies!

24″ x 18″ Adventure Map – our huge adventure maps bring your encounters to stunning life.

Printed in vivid color, and overlaid with a 1″ grid, each adventure map is created to accompany our adventure module, but work perfectly for any campaign. Take your players from castle roofs to volcanic craters!

Flat Plastic Minis – we include a set of these unbelievably detailed monster tokens by Arknight Games in every box.

Packs of wolves, mobs of goblins, milling crowds of NPCs – there are some scenes that monster tokens just work better for. But no one said they should be boring! Self-standing, with distinct front and reverse sides, these tokens might just steal the spotlight.

Dungeon Terrain – Rune circles that flare to life, pit traps that suddenly drop away, secret doors that reveal lost treasure – with just one dungeon tile, you can change an entire game!

That’s why we include a set of dungeon terrain in every box – drop them into your game and watch your players sit up in their chairs!

Ongoing Adventure! – Each Box works great as a stand alone adventure… but they work even better as part of our epic campaign arc!

Regular digital content weaves each month’s box into a year-long mega adventure! Take part and save the realm, or just pick and choose the parts you need for your home game!

Subscription Options

Order between now and July 31st for your first box to ship in the first week of August!
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About the First Box

Secrets of the Greenwold Adventure Arc
“By sword, by spell, by oath – end the dragon war before it ends the world!”

Delve into the secrets of the Greenwold with the first campaign arc from Dungeon In A Box! Get your characters involved in the dragon war that threatens to raze the a realm to ash.

The “Secrets of the Greenwold” arc takes characters from 1st – 10th level as they delve into catacombs beneath the streets of Grayhaven, sail the storms of the rugged Harpy Coast, contend with the fields of undead that choke the Gray Tower, and finally pierce the heart of the cursed Tanglethorn forest.

What your characters discover will save the realm… or allow them to remake it in their own image. Each month’s printed adventure is supplemented by additional pages of digital content that expands them into a world-spanning quest!

This 12-part campaign arc plays out over the course of a year – taking a party of adventurers across the length and breadth of the wild, forested realm known as the Greenwold, and uncovering long forgotten secrets in the process.

Peace is a rare commodity in the Greenwold, one jealously protected by the Alliance of Men – a tenuous coalition between the few city-states that have dared defy the wilds of this untamed land. From bustling Grayhaven on the shores of the Great Sea, to the swamp-dwelling, merchant princes of Slew to the self-proclaimed High Wizards of the Alabaster Academy, the Alliance of Men has maintained civilization in the realm for generation upon generation. Now, it all threatens to come undone as two mighty dragons stir in their sleep.

For ages unnumbered the Greenwold has been split between the covetous Green Dragon of the Woods, and the haughty Bronze Dragon of the Coasts – their mutual ambition kept in check only by the violence a direct confrontation would be sure to wreck. Content to rule their separate spheres rather than risk their own destruction the dragons have slumbered, and the cities of men have grown up in their shadow. This long period of somnolence comes crashing to an end as a single door creaks open.

From a tomb long forgotten, from a kingdom long fallen, a potent artifact returns again to the light of day – a dread orb imbued with the power to bend dragons to its will.

Spurred from their slumber by fear, the dragons prepare to take to the skies again and seek with all their might the artifact that may destroy them… an artifact that rests in the hands of a single party of adventurers. Hounded by evil men and pursued by dragons, the adventurers must seek out the source of the artifact’s power and either unmake it, or claim mastery over it!

Testimonials & Reviews

What Players Say

Amy Vorpahl

Geek & Sundry; Official D&D Twitch

“David Crennen is the ultimate Player’s Game Master.”

Dom Zook

Saving Throw, Twitch Partner

“David’s campaigns never cease to amaze and delight our audience!”

Joshua Watts

Owner of Geeky Teas & Games

“David has a wonderful ability to craft memorable characters and NPCs. I can’t wait to bring more of his characters to my table.”

Daniel Acker

Crit Juice, Podcast

“David Crennen is the finest, most imaginative, creative DM I’ve ever played with. You will not be disappointed with Dungeon In A Box.”

The Questions and Comments We Have Received


Q. When will my box ship?

All our boxes ship the first week of every month. All boxes are shipped the following month in which they are paid for or renewed. Example: I sign up on April 15th – My first box ships First week of May.

Q: If I sign up now, do I get the first box in the adventure? 

A: No matter when you sign up for Dungeon In A Box, you get sent every adventure in the year-long adventure arc. If you sign up today, you’ll be sent the first box in this adventure arc.

Q. What happens if I finish the year long adventure arc?

A.The adventures never end! Year one will take your characters from level 1 to 10 and year two will take you from level 10-20.

Q. Do you ship Internationally?

A. Yes. We actually offer FREE International shipping to most major countries. HOWEVER! customers will be responsible for any customs or duty charges that may occur. We don’t have control over this process.

Q: I signed up for a one-month subscription. Do I have to re-subscribe each month, or does my subscription automatically renew?

A: All subscriptions are set to automatically renew at the end of the subscription period. So, if you signed up for the one-month subscription, your subscription will automatically renew each month until cancelled. The three-month subscription renews every three months, the six-month subscription renews every six-months, and the annual subscription renews every year.

Q. How do I cancel my subscription?

A. You can cancel anytime by logging into your account and canceling from there.

Q. Can I restart my subscription where I left off?

A. You can pick up where you left off only by directly contacting us at [email protected]

Q: Is Dungeon In A Box a complete adventure path? Do I have to play it from the beginning? Can it be played with characters who aren’t 1st level?

A: Dungeon In A Box works as an adventure arc, but each box can also be played on it’s own. You can experience the year-long adventure arc, or you can use each box to run a stand alone adventure – whichever you prefer! The adventures also include directions on scaling them for any party from levels 1-10!

Q. Do the Maps, Minis, and Tiles correspond to each adventure?

A. Yes. While the contents of the box will fit each adventure, all our products are design to be used independently for one-off or original or  home-brewed campaigns as well as with the supplied adventure booklet.

Q: I was an Early Bird backer on Kickstarter. Do I keep my super low Early Bird pricing from month to month?

A: Yes, you do. You will only be charged at the Early Bird rate, for as long as you keep your subscription. If you cancel your subscription, and decide to subscribe again at a later date, you will have to subscribe at the regular retail pricing.

Q: What will the first year’s campaign arc be about?

A: Our first adventure arc is the 12-part adventure Secrets of the Greenwold.

“By sword, by spell, by oath – end the dragon war before it ends the world!
Two dragons clash for dominance, and the kingdoms of the Greenwold are in the line of fire. Only an ancient artifact, lost in the cursed citadel of the elves, can save the realm!”


This adventure  takes a party of adventurers across the length and breadth of the wild, forested realm known as the Greenwold – uncovering long forgotten secrets in the process. What your characters discover will save the realm… or allow them to remake it in their own image.

The arc will take characters from 1st level to 10th level as they delve into catacombs beneath the streets of Grayhaven, sail the storms of the rugged Harpy Coast, contend with the fields of undead that choke the Gray Tower, and finally pierce the heart of a cursed forest and reveal the elven citadel it hides.


Each month’s printed adventure is supplemented by additional pages of digital content that combines the boxes into a world-spanning quest!

Q: Where can I learn more about the game world?

A: We’ll be revealing more info about the Greenwold, and the game world, each month. If you’re particularly curious, you may want to consider checking out the liveplay Dungeons & Dragons podcast, Crit Juice.

These drunken, comedic D&D adventures take place in the same world as Dungeon In A Box, and are DM’d by Dungeon In A Box founder David Crennen.