Minis In A Box

2 premium minis delivered to your door every month!

Includes Digital Dungeon subscription and Wondrous One-Shots access



Our minis are exclusive. As in, “absolutely can’t get these anywhere else” exclusive.

Each box contains two, totally unique minis – commissioned each month by private artists, exclusively for Minis in a Box.



You want lots of cool minis and you don’t want to spend a lot. Impossible? Not anymore.

Thanks to our special shipping and manufacturing partnerships, we’re able to keep costs low, including FREE shipping worldwide.

Get 1 Large and 1 Medium mini for $16.95. This sale price is available this month only with our Earlybird Special! Normal pricing will be $19.95.


Amazing Quality

Get epic sculpts from incredible artists!

We don’t settle for basic quality or basic art. All of our minis are beautiful, unique works of art unlike anything else on the market.

Our minis are cast from highly-detailed and resilient resin (*not* 3D printed). This makes them perfect for painting, playing, and displaying.


Digital Dungeon Subscription

All Minis in a Box subscriptions come with access to our Year 3 Digital Dungeon, as well as our Wondrous One-Shots Library.

Every Minis in a Box subscription comes with a subscription to Dungeon in a Box’s “Digital Dungeon

Get monthly digital content, including:
– Two original adventures (30+ pages)
– Four encounter maps
– Tons of monster and terrain tokens
– Custom ambient soundtracks
– Access to the “Wondrous One Shot” adventure library

Files are designed for use in Roll20, Fantasy Grounds, and other VTTs.




All physical subscriptions ordered between now and February 28th will ship the first and second weeks of March

1 Year Subscription
($17.00 / Month)

$204.00 / Year - Billed yearly

Monthly Subscription

19.95 / Month - Billed every month



Frequently Asked Questions

Minis in a Box includes two figures every month – one Medium and one Large sized figure.

You’ll receive a box of two unique figures every month.

Our minis are 28mm Heroic scale (also referred to as 32mm scale). This is the standard size used in tabletop RPG games, and is compatible with the traditional 1″ = 5 ft. scale encounter maps.

Medium minis measure up to 32mm high – the size of an average human. Large minis measure up to 70mm in height -the size of an ogre, or grizzly bear.

Yes! The minis are perfect for painting. For best results, the minis should be primed with a base coat.

No, they’re not! All the minis we send out are exclusively produced by us, and are only available through a Minis in a Box subscription.

You’ll be charged when you sign up, with a recurring charge on the 20th of each following month. Cancel at any time, and only receive the minis you’ve paid for, by logging into your account on the My Account page.

If you’re a physical Dungeon in a Box subscriber, you already get these minis included in your box each month.

If you’re a Digital Dungeon in a Box subscriber, you can upgrade to a Minis in a Box subscription on your account page at

If you have an active subscription, you’ll be able to view you Digital Dungeon content on your My Account page, www., under the “Digital Dungeon” tab.