Can you truly trust your party?

Your party is tasked with serving as peacekeepers for intense diplomatic meetings between warring nations. The catch? Some characters have a hidden agenda, and may be trying to sabotage any attempt to broker peace!

Days of Peace is an adventure for a party of 4-6 characters of levels 4-5, and is optimized for four characters of 4th level.

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“An old friend of mine, a merchant by the name of Horace Fell, was supposed to be visiting me with a collection of curios. Most interesting was a decanter and wine glass set of rare crystal - the clink of which has been a long lost Key of Wonder.

“In our last communications, he was heading to Bloom, in the direction of the Dubonnet Manor. I have not heard from him since. He is something of a drinker - and I fear he has become lost in the charm of the fine wines of that region.”

Maestro Hewert

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