WOS Subscriptions

From: $16.95

An all-you-need subscription to Wondrous One Shots by Dungeon In A Box. Automatically renews each month. Cancel any time.


  • Full-sized battle maps
  • “Skinny Minis” monster tokens
  • Complete adventure books featuring unique creatures and roll tables.

Access to the “Digital Dungeon” .

  • Downloadable and web-optimized maps for Virtual Table Tops
  • PDF version of the published adventures
  • Tokens of all character art for use in VTTs

*INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS* – Additional customs or clearance taxes may be applied by your country before delivery.

$226.80 / year
$16.95 / month



How to Switch Your Plan:

1) Pick your desired subscription plan.

2) You can only switch your subscription plan once your subscription is due for renewal. (Example: You cannot switch from the 1 year to 1 month plan until your year is up.

3) Checkout as normal. You will not be charged immediately. Your renewal date will stay the same but your renewal amount will be changed depending on the subscription level you choose.

4) Your plan extends for the full length of the subscription. (Example: You order the 1 month subscription. You stay on for 1 month before switching to 1 year. Your year subscription will extend the full year and one month into the 2nd year arc).