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Skinny Minis

Forget bulky 3D minis, costly purchases, or endless painting. Astral Legion offers table-ready armies for TTRPGs and War Games alike!

5th Edition, Warhammer 40k, Battletech compatible tabletop minis.

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Pay for credits that can be spent on any number of armies you would like to own! Some armies cost more credits than others based on miniature count.


War gaming compatible 2d miniatures

Astral Legion Skinny Minis are your gateway to immersive battles without bulky, expensive 3D figurines or meticulous painting.

  • Incredible artistry right out of the box
  • Every Miniature Unique
  • No need for assembly
  • Portable - Store Huge armies in a single binder
  • Affordable - Collect vast armies for a fraction of the price
  • Painted by real Artists
  • Free Interchangeable Bases for all minis
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Astral Legion Factions

Space Knights - Abolisher.jpg__PID:f10aa090-b864-456e-8c47-eff7f10bdfc1
Space Knights - Cataloguer.jpg__PID:a090b864-f56e-4c47-aff7-f10bdfc138ba
Space Knights - Odius 1.jpg__PID:b864f56e-8c47-4ff7-b10b-dfc138ba0a4f
Space Knights - Odius 2.jpg__PID:f56e8c47-eff7-410b-9fc1-38ba0a4f8166
Space Knights - Odius 3.jpg__PID:8c47eff7-f10b-4fc1-b8ba-0a4f8166f4c1
Space Knights - Odius 4.jpg__PID:eff7f10b-dfc1-48ba-8a4f-8166f4c133ad

Space Knights - 1 Credit

Clad in advanced armored exosuits, Space Knights are driven by a sense of duty and honor, striving to carve their own legacy among the stars and combating extraterrestrial threats.

This set includes 12 Skinny Minis:

  • 1 Captain in Abolisher Armour, with a Nova Weapon and Storm-Bringer (40mm base)
  • 1 Cataloger in Abolisher Armour (40mm base)
  • 5 Abolishers with power gauntlets, including 1 Abolisher with an Voidstorm Cannon (40mm base)
  • 5 Odius Knights (32mm base)
Lokust - Neurosphage.jpg__PID:f10bdfc1-38ba-4a4f-8166-f4c133ad5381
Lokust - Upsurger.jpg__PID:dfc138ba-0a4f-4166-b4c1-33ad53817523
Lokust - Winged Zenith.jpg__PID:c138ba0a-4f81-46f4-8133-ad53817523bd
Lokust - Scragspit.jpg__PID:38ba0a4f-8166-44c1-b3ad-53817523bd63

Lokust - 2 Credits

Lokust are the embodiment of primal hunger and the unstoppable force of nature amidst the vastness of space, and seek to devour anything that lies in their path.

This set includes 32 Skinny Minis: 

  • 1 Winged Lokust Zenith (50mm base)
  • 1 Neurosphage (120mm base)
  • 3 Upsurgers (40mm base)
  • 5 Voidspits (40mm base)
  • 20 Scragspits, armed with bio-dispersers (40mm, 28.5mm base)
  • 2 Slasher Swarms (40mm, 25mm base)
Demons - ShadowSpawn.jpg__PID:0a4f8166-f4c1-43ad-9381-7523bd633104

Demons - 3 Credits

Born from the darkest depths of the void, Demons are the embodiment of nightmares, twisted and grotesque manifestations of the darkest aspects of the universe.

This set includes 34 Skinny Minis: 

  • 1 Infernal Sovereign (40mm base)
  • 3 Blood Guzzlers (90x52mm oval base)
  • 10 Gore Dogs (60x35mm oval base)
  • 20 ShadowSpawn (32mm base)
K'rome - Blaze Sentinel.jpg__PID:8166f4c1-33ad-4381-b523-bd6331042547

K’rome - 2 Credits

Held together by a vision of unity and progress, the K’rome is a coalition of diverse species and cultures, bound together by a common goal of exploration, diplomacy, and technological advancement.

This set includes 23 Skinny Minis: 

  • 1 Celestial (105x70mm oval base)
  • 1 Core Blazepiercer (40mm base)
  • 1 V32 Goulsteer Mech with 2 SkyBots (40mm, 25mm base)
  • 3 V40 Shadow Mechs with 1 SkyBot and 1 Guidance Marker (32mm, 25mm base)
  • 10 Blaze Sentinels with 2 SkyBots and 1 Aegis Platform (25mm base)
Havoc Knights - Havoc Knight.jpg__PID:4f8166f4-c133-4d53-8175-23bd63310425

Havoc Knights - 1 Credit

Led by powerful warlords who have pledged themselves to the dark gods, Havoc Knights roam the cosmos in search of worlds to plunder and civilizations to corrupt. They are formidable adversaries, wielding dark and evil technologies.

This set includes 19 Skinny Minis: 

  • 1 Evil Evangelist (40mm base)
  • 2 Malignants (25mm base)
  • 1 Zealot (60mm base)
  • 5 Inquitors (32mm base)
  • 10 Havoc Knights (32mm base)
Orcs - Bludz.jpg__PID:66f4c133-ad53-4175-a3bd-6331042547af

Orcs - 2 Credits

Born from the primal instinct to conquer and dominate, the Orcs are a savage and unruly mob of green skinned brutes, their ranks swelling with every battle won and every foe vanquished. They revel in chaos and violence.

This set includes 25 Skinny Minis: 

  • 1 Whiz-Bang in Jumbo-Armour (50mm base)
  • 20 Bludz (32mm base)
  • 3 Blast Birdz (75x42mm oval base)
  • Scrap Mauler (50mm base)


What Are Skinny Minis?

Skinny Minis are durable 2D acrylic miniatures with vivid front and back art. We launched Skinny Minis in early 2018 as part of our Dungeon in a Box monthly subscription, and since then, we have run two rounds of incredibly successful Kickstarter crowdfunds that have catapulted them into a stand-alone product.

Due to its roots, we've focused primarily on fantasy RPG sets, but over the years, a passionate group of fans have asked if we would ever do Warhammer-compatible sets. And at long last, we're trying to do just that.
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Bases Policy

Every Astral Legion Skinny Mini set comes with a set of bases built specifically for that set.
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How Does Payment Work?

If the project is fully funded, pledge payments will be collected after the crowdfunding closes. Shipping fees will be handled in the Pledge Manager (see below).
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Pledge Manager

In the Pledge Manager, you will pick your sets and pay for shipping.

How to Pick Your Sets
When the campaign ends, you'll receive access to the Pledge Manager. There, you can spend your credits on any combination of factions.

Buying Extra Sets
Want more sets later? No problem. You can buy additional sets at the same cost as your backer pledge level in the Pledge Manager.

Paying for Shipping
When checking out of the Pledge Manager, you will be charged for shipping based on your pledge tier and number of extra sets (if any) you have purchased.

Estimated Shipping Dates

If the campaign is successfully backed with the minimum number of backers by the campaign deadline (the "Project Backing Period"), then the project will proceed to the production phase. Estimated shipment dates vary per Dungeon Drop, so please visit the Project on the Dungeon Drop tab frequently to stay up-to-date.
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Shipping Addresses

We are currently shipping to all U.S. States, District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, APO/FPO addresses and Canada. Please note we cannot ship to a P.O. Box or any other country at this time. (EDIT TO FIT OUR COUNTRIES)


Please note, countries outside of the US may be responsible for paying customs or import fees. You can calculate the estimated customs fee to your country at this link. In general, custom/duties is 8% - 20% of the total pledge value. We believe our exceptional international shipping costs should help to offset some customs fees.

Product Guarantee


Skinny Minis are durable - but not invincible. In order to ensure nothing interrupts your game night, all our Skinny Minis are protected by a 1-year manufacturer warranty.

If a miniature is misprinted, too tight, too loose, or just comes out broken, we'll replace it for you at no cost. Our US-based support team is standing by to help out!

Who We Are

Skinny Minis are a development from Dungeon in a Box - a monthly subscription box for 5th Edition of the world's most popular RPG. Everything you need to run an epic adventure (maps, minis, a 30-page adventure and more!), delivered straight to your door.

Each month, Dungeon in a Box includes an exclusive set of Skinny Minis that aren't available anywhere else. These Skinny Mini sets are only available to Dungeon in a Box subscribers only! Not only that, but you get a set of 3D Miniatures, full-sized maps, terrain tiles and more.

Dungeon in a Box was started in 2018 by a team of wizards from the future who were blasted into the past - they wish only to enrich this strange world with fantastical developments in the tabletop gaming world.

David Crennen
David founded Dungeon in a Box in order to break a family curse. He looks forward to being reincarnated on an alternate plane of existence as a simple geometric object, rotating peacefully through colorful nebulae. Also he's a pretty good game master...

Roman Banfield
Like the Loch Ness monster or yeti, "Roman" is a powerful enigma that has sparked the imaginations of people across the world for generations. He is best understood not as a literal concept, but as an allegory for life itself.