Resources of the Greenwold

Resources for game masters and players exploring the Greenwold! Explore new character races, subclasses, items, and more!


Realm Lore

Learn more about the history of the Greenwold and its people!


Keys of Wonder Lore

In a forgotten tower, a wizened composer labors to reconstruct passages of the First Song, an immortal melody that brought magic into the Material plane at the moment of its creation.

That song, the source of all magic, is now dying away. But if there are still heroes who can help him, they just might manage to rediscover the lost Keys of Wonder, and bring magic back to the world.


Skinny Minis Side Quests

Skinny Minis Side Quests are small, contained series of events that form an interesting side-plot for any 5E GM wanting to use some specific Skinny Mini products in new and interesting scenes ready-made for your game table!


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