Skinny Minis

Real minis, only skinnier

An army of orcs,
that fits in your back pocket.


Meet the newest member of your party.
Skinny minis are a new type of gaming miniature.
Vivid, durable, easy to store and easy to play with.

How can I get them?

We are launching on kickstarter soon!

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Level up your table top game with new minis:

  • Slender, stackable and easy-to-store.
  • Highly durable.
  • Easy to set up and easy to play with.
  • Vivid, high-definition printing – with unique front and back art.
  • Affordable – field an army of knights for the price of a single mini.
  • 32mm – Scaled to fit 1″ squares. Works with the world’s most popular table top RPGs.


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Totally recommended!

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Pretty cool

What type of sets are we offering?

For the price of a single mini you can buy a whole army of –

Plus More!

Store and transport hundreds of minis
in a laptop sized case

Skinny Mini Features

Easy to afford.

For the cost of one traditional mini, deploy an entire army of orcs, knights, dwarves, or more! With Skinny Minis, it’s easier than ever to bring colorful, fully-painted monsters to your table.

Easy to play with.

Pop ’em in a base, and play!

Skinny Minis come with all the bases you need to run your game. When you’re done, just pull them apart and pack them flat for ease of storage.

Easy to collect.

Why buy one monster, when you can have a horde!

Skinny Minis all come in sets – giving you a whole army of elves, dwarves, orcs, knights, undead… or more! Whatever your table needs, Skinny Minis have it!